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Shomou Design & Build / NEO-CLASSICAL VILLA


The brief of this 250 meter square villa’s owner was fairly simple: to create a fluid space with neoclassical style, capable of providing a recreational space at the basement for hosting parties and gatherings with large number of guests.

We started with dividing the basement into two main areas; including two billiard tables, a tabletop football game, a ping-pong and a pinball table. Furniture was arranged around the exterior of the basement to allow guests to move around more easily. For the walls we used wood cladding with grooves that can be used for storage.

We wanted the rest room to be a masterpiece; so we designed a bamboo wall (which turned to be one of our most successful and requested creations). We used artificial bamboo and pebbles to avoid bugs and water irrigation related issues. In the background, we used natural-colored wood cladding to create a contrast. For lighting, we created an up-light from the bottom and down-light from the top (from the ceiling using led lights). The result was breathtaking and the client loved it.

Throughout the design, wood cladding for walls, indirect lighting, and oak wood were used to create a cohesive and neoclassical interior, just like the owners requested.



Cairo, Egypt






Egypt, Neo-Classic, Villa